Asset Management

Technology Sourcing, Procurement, and Consulting

  • Copia Scientific helps organizations acquire the right products for their application. Choices are made based on current and future applications, current needs, future growth, level of complexity, environmental limitations, budget, etc. Copia can source either new equipment or certified/guaranteed demo/reconditioned technology depending on budgetary restraints.
  • Copia assists start-up organizations with setting up a procurement infrastructure, and if required, act as their purchasing entity. Services include product sourcing, pricing, and service contract negotiation.
  • Copia applies careful consideration and research when choosing technology and ensures that certain criteria are met (such as: quality, reliability, accuracy, flexibility, upgradeability, integration, cost, maintenance costs, support, etc.).
  • Copia assists organizations with service and maintenance agreement decisions and negotiations.

Technology Risk and Life-cycle Management Services

Copia Scientific provides innovative asset management programs that can help companies with the following:

  • Align technology with current business needs by managing technology and project obsolescence, enabling the introduction of new emerging technologies, and transitioning or rolling over older technology to less mission critical departments. This allows for increased productivity, increased flexibility, minimized exposure, and increased profitability.
  • Identify alternative acquisition and financing strategies.
  • Provide technology and market insights to gauge acquisition timing and technology migration management.
  • Cost, feature, and reliability comparison study in order to get the best overall value.
  • Maximize operational efficiency and technology utilization by identifying redundant, stranded, obsolete, and underutilized technology and recommend redeployment or alternative exit strategies.
  • Set up technology distribution and redeployment programs to reduce redundancy, eliminate waste, minimize capital expenditure, and increase operational efficiency.
  • Complete facility asset inventory, accountability, asset location and identification, bar-coding and tagging, reporting, annual audits, valuations, and more.
  • Enable emergency asset relocation and short or long term storage.
  • Minimize service and maintenance costs through alternative support entities or time and material programs.
  • Strategic acquisition solutions.
  • Start up planning.

Technology Fair Market Valuations and Assessments

  • Copia Scientific provides expert and well researched Fair Market Valuations and Assessments on high end technology. These valuations provide actual values that are crucial to maximizing return on investment or overall asset value for individual sale, liquidation, collaboration, merger, or facility sale.

Technology Remarketing Services and Business-to-Business Strategies

  • Copia Scientific provides contract remarketing services for companies that are looking to sell their stranded, underutilized, or redundant laboratory equipment assets. Copia's remarketing services are guaranteed to maximize return and to offer an alternative to the uncertainty of the auction and broker arena. Copia can help you to realize the value of your assets through our remarketing capabilities. This service is done with discretion and guarantees total anonymity. Copia markets these products to over 7,000 active industry and academic contacts worldwide.
  • Copia can also provide marketing and networking programs to maximize a company's exposure to potential clients and identify revenue-generating opportunities.

Technology Sales Representation

  • Copia provides sales representation to new technology companies (manufacturers) that are looking for either a national or regional sales presence.