Sample Purification System

Thermo Fisher Scientific KingFisher Presto 96DW Sample Purification System

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Model No: 5400830

Serial No: 713-076

Product ID: 12842

Use the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Presto as part of an automated purification system with a liquid handler for plate filling in high-throughput laboratories. Utilizing proven KingFisher magnetic particle-based technology, the KingFisher Presto provides high-quality yields of target nucleic acids and proteins for biopharma, biotech and research.


  • Purify 96 or 24 samples at a time
  • Volume range of 50-5000μL
  • Minimized size for easy fitting to automation systems
  • Heating capability for application requiring elevated temperatures
  • Easy connection to several liquid handling instruments
  • Flexible system for wide variety of applications

Volume (Metric) Processing: 50 to 1000 μL

Description: KingFisher Presto with 96 DW head

Heating Temperature: From + 5°C above ambient temperature to 115°C

Samples per Run: 96

Plate Type: 96, 96 DW

Depth (English)18.3 in.Depth (Metric)465 mm

Height (English)15.7 in.Height (Metric)400 mm

Weight (English)52.9 lb.Weight (Metric)24kgWidth (English)14.2 in.

Width (Metric)36 cm

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