Nucleic Acid Extractor

PerkinElmer Chemagic 360 Nucleic Acid Extractor

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Model No: 2024-0020

Serial No: 20240580

Product ID: 12390

The chemagic 360 instrument is based on the well-established magnetic bead based chemagic Technology and the system offers a reliable solution for different sample materials and throughput needs. Configurable with three kinds of chemagic Rod Heads, the system can process sample volumes from 50 µl - 18 ml and the isolated DNA/RNA is suitable for a wide range of downstream applications such as NGS, MPLA, genotypic, and PCR.

Physical Specifications

Depth 80.0000 cm

Height 90.0000 cm

Length 80.0000 cm

Width 80.0000 cm

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