MJ Research / Bio-Rad PTC-225, Tetrad Thermal Cycler

MJ Research / Bio-Rad Thermal Cycler PTC-225, Tetrad

Thermal Cycler: MJ Research: PTC-225, Tetrad * Thermal range: –5˚ to 105˚C, but no more than 30˚C below ambient temperature * Accuracy: ±0.3˚C of programmed target @ 90˚C, NIST-traceable * Thermal homogeneity: ±0.4˚C well-to-well within 30 seconds of arrival at 90˚C (for most Alpha units; see specifications for individual Alpha units) * Ramping speed: Up to 3˚C/sec for all single- and dual-block Alpha units; 1.2˚C/sec for the Twin Tower * Sample capacity: Varies with installed Alpha unit * Line voltage: 100–240VAC rms (no adjustment needed among voltages within these ranges) * Frequency: 50–60Hz single phase * Power: 850W maximum * Fuses: Two 6.3A, 250V, 5 x 20mm * Displays: One 20 x 4 LCD alphanumeric display * Ports: One 25-pin 8-bit parallel interface printer port / One 9-pin RS-232 serial port for printer or remote use / One IEEE-488 bidirectional general purpose interface bus * Memory: 200 typical programs in up to 12 individual folders * Weight: 7.6–9.3kg, varies with installed Alpha unit (DNA Engine Tetrad: 29kg, including Alpha units and power supply) * Size: 24 x 35 x 17cm (DNA Engine Tetrad: 37 x 55 x 25cm) Gradient Specifications (96V Alpha module only) * Accuracy: + 0.4°C of programmed target at end columns, 30 seconds after the timer starts for the gradient step, NIST–traceable * Column uniformity: + 0.4°C , well–to–well within column, within 30 seconds of reaching target temperature * Calculator accuracy: + 0.4°C of actual well temperature * Lowest programmable 30°C temperature * Highest programmable 105°C temperature * Temperature differential 1–24°C range For high-throughput applications or busy labs, the PTC-225 or 'Tetrad' DNA Engine Tetrad may be the best option. This allows up to eight separate blocks to run synchronous or independent reactions. A compact footprint is maintained by housing the power supply separately outside the chassis, good for tight spaces or robotic applications. The PTC-225 DNA Engine Tetrad harnesses four PTC 200 DNA Engines in a single compact machine. Four alpha units of any type can be loaded into the DNA Engine Tetrad base, one unit into each “quadrant” of the base. The same factory installed and custom protocols can be run on the DNA Engine Tetrad as on the DNA Engine. Programs can be run independently on any one Alpha unit or simultaneously on all of them.

Manufacturer:MJ Research / Bio-Rad
Model No:PTC-225, Tetrad
Product ID:PTC225

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