Fluxion Biosciences BioFlux 200 Microfluidics System Microfluidics System

Fluxion Biosciences Microfluidics System BioFlux 200 Microfluidics System

The BioFlux 200System delivers a complete solution for functional live cell assays under controlled shear flow. Well Plate Microfluidics™ combines the ease of use of well plate assays with the data quality and relevance of shear flow experiments.

The BioFlux System incorporates Fluxionʼs proprietary microfluidic technology to offer an innovative solution for higher throughputshear flow assays. It offers the biological relevance of a laminar flow cell, with the throughput and convenience of standard microplates. The system comes complete with all the tools necessary to generate your data quickly and reliably.

BioFlux 200System Overview:

The BioFlux System is a benchtop instrument which enables up to 24 temperature-controlled flow cell assays in parallel. The BioFlux Pressure Interface connects a highly precise and accurate electropneumatic pump to the well plates to initiate controlled shear flow. The system works with your existing inverted microscope and is compatible with fluorescence, brightfield, phase, and confocal imaging. User-friendly software automates experimental controls and provides a powerful analysis package.

One system, many capabilities:

  • Higher biological relevance: The BioFlux System delivers controlled shear flow for simulating physiological and environmental conditions. Fully programmable changes to shear flow in real time offer the widest range of assay possibilities.
  • Controlled shear flow: TheBioFlux 200ʼs pneumatically-controlled flow source generates reproducibility from assay to assay, day to day, and week to week.
  • Higher throughput and data reliability: BioFlux runs up to 24 simultaneous flow experiments on a single plate, enabling hundreds of assays per day. Allows you to run many assays with the same cell passages and conditions.
  • Ease of use: Intuitive software provides a simple way to control many experiments at once. Each system is fully integrated to work with your existing lab setup.
  • One system, many uses: BioFlux runs a wide range of live cell applications, including microbiology, immunology, stem cells, and more. Get the most out of your labʼs resources.


Manufacturer:Fluxion Biosciences
Model No:BioFlux 200 Microfluidics System
Product ID:BM-1834

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