Microplate Washer

BioTek Instruments ELx405 Select LS Microplate Washer

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Model No: 405LSUS

Serial No: 13101012

Product ID: 9168

The 405™ LS Microplate Washer is the fifth generation BioTek washer, known for superior performance and reliability for washing protocols ranging from gentle cell washing to vigorous ELISAs. The 405 LS has a simple user interface for creation and execution of wash, dispense, aspirate and maintenance protocols within the extensive onboard software. For use under computer control, BioTek’s LHC™ Software is available in standard and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant versions. The optional BioStack™ is available for walk-away automation of up to 50 microplates. Microplate types: 96- and 384-well Low profile and standard height Solid and filter bottom (option) Onboard software: Create, edit or run multiple protocols Software (computer control): LHC2 pc software LHC2 Secure for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance (option) SiLA Compliant driver (option) Separation: Biomagnetic separation, vacuum filtration (optional) Shaking: Programmable up to 60 minutes low, medium, fast or variable Soaking: Programmable up to 60 minutes Ultrasonic Advantage™: Yes (option) Verify™ clog detection: Yes (option) Automation: BioStack and 3rd party automation compatible BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator compatible Manifold types 96-well washing: 96-tube manifold - straight dispense tubes 96- and 384-well washing: 96-tube Dual-Action manifold - 20° angled dispense tubes 384-well washing (fast): 192-tube Dual-Action manifold - 7° angled dispense tubes Volume range 25 to 3,000 µL/well, in 1 µL increments Wash cycles 1 - 250 Buffer/reagent selection Auto switching (internal) for up to 4 buffers (option) Supply bottle 4 L or 10 L (optional) Dispense precision <3% CV: 300 µL/well (96-well washing) <4% CV: 80 µL/well (384-well washing) Residual volume <2 µL/well (96- & 384-well plates) 96-tube manifold for 96 wells; 192-tube for 384 wells Wash speed 96-wells, 300 µL/well, 3 cycles; <30 seconds 384-wells,100 µL/well, 3 cycles: <80 seconds 384-wells, 400 µL/well, 1 cycle: <20 seconds Flow rates High flow to low flow Optimized rates for cell assays Sterilization Chemical Vacuum filtration Selectable: Approximate final at 30 seconds: Lowest: -38 mmHg Low: -113 mmHg Medium: -200 mmHg High: -390 mmHg Highest: -506 mmHg Vacuum filtration time range: 5 to 999 seconds

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