Microplate Washer

Bio-Rad PW40 Microplate Washer

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Model No: 85 499

Serial No: EC0J392639

Product ID: 12859

The PW40 microplate washer is compact and programmable, with an 8-channel washing comb, a vacuum pump, and built-in dispensing pumps. It is compatible with U-, V-, or flat-bottom wells. The position of the aspiration and dispensing heads over the microplate wells can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to within 0.1 mm. The volume of the washing and rinsing solution bottles and the waste bottle is 2 L. A cover protects the immediate environment from aerosols. The autoclavable microplate support is easy to remove for decontamination. The PW40 is easy to program and offers a wide choice of washing methods, which can be combined according to the user's requirements. A logical sequence of questions enables the operator to program washes easily

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