Microplate Storage:Deep Freezer

Liconic Instruments STT3K0-DFSA Kiwi Store Microplate Storage:Deep Freezer

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Model No: 9153 05 03

Serial No: 4701

Product ID: 9132

DESCRIPTION STT 3K0 Kiwi is built to last and is the most robust hardware in the market. LiCONiC's 20 years of engineering experience shows in the creative way to maximize storage capacity, tube sorting, and sample recovery all in one unit. This means the samples never leave one environment for another, which will jeopardize the consistency of compounds. The consequent use of cassettes for sample storage make transferring samples a breeze. The STT3k0 has a batch interface implemented for the first time allowing transferring batches of racks. Of course, cassettes are compatible to LiCONiC's world-wide standard cassettes that are most widely used in existing systems. STT3k0 Sample Store Key Features Tube handling under 100% storage conditions Huge 3000 MTP equivilent capacity in small footprint Plug and Play system needs no assembly for set-up Secure and reliable inventory tracking Ability to use integrated and standalone simultaneously Convenient Ethernet communications Powerful easy-to-use software Multiple Tube Picker / Tube Boxer capability Intuitive Software The development of easy to use software is one of our key competencies. The evolution of our sample management software over the last decade enables us to offer a user interface that is as easy to use as a vending machine. Any actions performed on each sample will be logged, leading to a complete audit trail. Robotic Integration The STT Kiwi is an ideal solution for sample storage and retrieval when used in stand-alone mode. In addition, the system's transfer position for SBS standard format consumables can be used to integrate the STT3k0 into any robotic system -20..0°C 4) DIMENSIONS Width (W) 2000 mm Depth (D) 1575 mm Height (H) 1987 mm Transfer Height 1000 mm

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