Liconic Instruments STX-1000 Incubator:Automated

Liconic Instruments Incubator:Automated STX-1000

Incubator: Automated: Liconic: STX-1000

Features the following:
Liconic STX-1000 ICSA Incubator
80 Removable Stacks, For Deep-Well or Standard Plates (please specify requirement)
Linear Transfer Station (shuttle)

Liconic STX-1000 General Description:
The STX1000 is the largest carrousel based incubator of the StoreX series. Like the STX500 the STX1000 can be configured as double Decker carrousel allowing 880 MTP using 2x2 levels of standard 540 stackers or 1000 MTP using 680 stackers on the upper deck or configured as single deck using 1200 stackers maximizing its capacity to 1060 MTP. Despite its large capacity, the STX1000 with its 770mm depth and 1970mm height will still fit through any laboratory door or in any maintenance elevator. The wheels lock into place to ensure stability at the workstation.

The STX1000 Series supports a wide temperature and humidity range. Namely the STX1000 is available as IC (Incubation), HC (high humidity cold storage), DC (dry, low humidity cold storage, DF (Deep Freezer), HR (high humidity wide temperature range incubator), DR (dry, low humidity wide temperature range storage) and AR (adjustable humidity). The mechanical dimensions of all STX1000 are identical and independent of any Climate Options.

The STX1000 houses two independently operating carrousels. The transport lift is located on the back side of the incubation chamber between the two carrousels having three rotation positions - left carrousel, right carrousel and transfer station position. The Gate and therefore the transfer station are located in the center of the back side of the instrument.

Two large user doors on the front side of the incubator allow simple and easy manual access to the plates inside the incubation chamber. For manual access the carrousels may be positioned automatically or rotated manually. Like all members of the StoreX family the STX 1000 can be equipped with a large number of options and a wide selection of useful accessories. For details please refer to Options or Accessories.

Liconic STX-1000 ICSA Benefits:
Incubated storage
Automated archiving and retrieval
Automated inventory control and rack tracking with remote barcode reading option (optional)
Integration friendly design

Model: Liconic STX-1000 ICSA
Version: Storage
Climate: Incubator
Microplate capacity (SBS size): See chart below
Temperature range: 33..50°C (70°C)
Temperature deviation: ± 0.2
Humidity, constant, maximum: 95%
CO2 control: Optional

Mean Access Time: 20.5 sec.
Mean Load Time:: 18.9 sec.
Mean UnLoad Time: 22.0 sec.
Access mode: Random
External dimensions:
L/W/H excluding transfer station: 57” x 40.5” x 88.5” (146 x 103 x 225 cm)
Weight, net: 959 lbs. (435 kg)
Heat dissipation: N/A* Heat dissipation: N/A
Rated voltage: 1/PE AC, 230 V
Rated current at 120 V: 11.06 at 208 V
O2 control: Optional
Barcode scanner: Optional
Tip-box handling: Available
Transfer stations: Yes
Transfer station w/plate sensor: Optional
Linear transfer station with plate sensor: Optional
Swap station, with 2 plate sensors: Optional
Single point of integration: -
Positioned top left: N/A
Positioned bottom right: N/A* Positioned top right: N/A* Positioned top: N/A

Plate Type Plate Height Conf.1 Conf.2 Conf.3
NTP (Nanotiter Plates) 5 mm 1680 1940 2220
11 mm 1120 1300 1440
1535 12 mm 1080 1240 1360
MTP (Microtiter Plates) 17 mm 880 1000 1060
22 mm 680 800 860
23 mm 680 800 860
24 mm 680 800 860
27 mm 600 680 740
DWP (Deep Well) 44 mm 400 440 500
53 mm 320 320 420
DiTi200 66 mm 280 300 320
DiTi1000 104 mm 160 180 220

Facilities & Communication Requirements:
Communication: RS232 V24, 9600Boud, ASCII
User Software OS: Win32 / Windows NT / Windows2000
Facility Requirements: 100V / 50Hz; 115V / 60Hz; 230V / 50Hz; Switchable
External Control
Gas Supply

Manufacturer:Liconic Instruments
Model No:STX-1000
Product ID:LI-STX1000

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