Microplate Sealer:Heat

Thermo Scientific Sample Seal Microplate Sealer:Heat

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Model No: 18848

Serial No: U1-019

Product ID: 800-8036

Cat No. Description

4220-096 SampleSeal 96-format Foil Heat Sealing and Cutting Instrument

4221-040 SampleSeal 40μm Easy-pierce Foil

Compatible Tubes Thermo Scientific Matrix Open top style tubes

Product Details

Dimensions / Weight 61cm/ 21in x 32.6cm/ 14.3in x 85cm/33.5in | 47.6 Kg (105 lbs)

Certifications CE, TUV

Voltage 85- 264V AC

Frequency 47 -63 Hz

Wattage 280W Peak 100W Operating 20W Sleep (ECO) mode

Air Quality Clean; dry; oil free

Air Pressure Required 5.9-8.3 Bar (85-120 psi)

Air Flow 50 slpm (1.77 scfm)

Number of Tube Racks per Roll of Foil Approximately 3,400 racks

Gas Purge Specifications

Quality Clean, dry, inert gas or nitrogen

Pressure 3 .5 to 8.3 bar ( 50 to 120 psi)

Flow 5 slpm (0.18 scfm)

Sealing Parameters for 96 2D tube Racks

Seal/ Cut Time Less than 1 minute/rack

Waste Foil Bin Capacity > 300 sealed and cut tube racks

Blade Replacement Required Approximately 1250 sealed and cut tube racks or 1 year

Communication Full integration; USB connectivity

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