Remp Universal Plate Piercer Microplate Piercer

Remp Microplate Piercer Universal Plate Piercer

Microplate Sealer: Remp: Universal Plate Piercer: UHP-079 1000903 The REMP Universal Plate Piercer (UPP) is a semi-manual device ideal for medium throughput piercing applications. The device is capable of piercing the seals of many different types of standard microplates and deepwell plates, as well as, REMP's unique 384 and 96 Storage Tube Racks. The REMP UPP can be adjusted to accommodate microplates of any height and uses all of the available REMP Seal Piercing Lids. It operates through a simple pushbutton control at the rear of the device or it can be optionally controlled by a foot pedal. The REMP Universal Plate Piercer is compact and easy-to-use, requiring only compressed air to operate. Technical Information Features and Benefits Simple, three-step, semi-manual operation: 1. Place microplate and REMP Seal Piercing Lid onto device drawer 2. Close the drawer and initiate operation through push-button control or via optional foot pedal. 3. Open drawer and remove pierced microplate and REMP Seal Piercing Lid Compact, lightweight and portable bench-top design Requires only a compressed air connection to operate Uses disposable REMP Seal Piercing Lids to pierce the seals on any ANSI/ SBS Standard microplates

Model No:Universal Plate Piercer
Model No 2:UHP-079 1000903
Product ID:4721

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