Microplate De-Sealer

Brooks/Nexus Biosystems XPeel Microplate De-Sealer

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Model No: 10419

Product ID: MPS-XPeel

Microplate Handler: Nexus Biosystems: XPeel The repetitive task of manually removing plate seals can be challenging to say the least, leading to potential issues such as cross contamination, repetitive motion injuries, and plate/seal damage. The XPeel addresses these issues by being able to automatically remove seals from a broad range of plate types, all at a single touch of a button. At the core of this patented process is the seal removal mechanism, or more accurately, a lack thereof. Instead of utilizing a mechanical approach which is prone to malfunction leading to unreliable results, the seals are removed by XTape, a proprietary adhesive medium which results in a more consistent peel. The XPeel was designed with only one goal in mind: fast and reliable removal of a wide variety of seals. This goal has been successfully attained with the XPeel. The end result is a robust and elegantly simple automated system that can be counted on to perform flawlessly time after time. Specifications Throughput: Up to 200 plate seal removals per hour Seal Removal Capacity: Up to 400 per XTape roll Seal Verification Sensor: Reflective with sensitivity adjustment Communication: Serial RS232 Motion Parameters: XTape Adhere Time, Unseal Speed, Plate Output Orientation, Begin Peel Location General Parameters: Auto XTape Advance, Plate Verification, Menu Language Weight: 76 lbs/35 kgs Power Requirements: 115VAC, 4A, 60Hz/230VAC, 2A, 50Hz

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