Microplate Reader

Tecan Infinite F200 TWT Microplate Reader

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Model No: 30029757

Serial No: 907003878

Product ID: 11169j

Microplate Readers: Tecan: Infinite F200: TWT The Infinite 200 series of microplate readers combines reagent dispensing with fluorescence, luminescence or absorbance detection in an affordable, easy-to-use platform for the complete range of life science applications. The unique modular design and adaptability of the Infinite 200 series provides researchers with a choice of an advanced quad-4 monochromators™ system (M200), or a filter system (F200) and allows them to tailor the instrument’s detection modes for their individual needs. The Infinite 200 is supported by the powerful new i-control™ software, which allows the user to easily set up protocols to suit their own application. Furthermore, optional Magellan™ software packages provide full data reduction capability and are designed to meet FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. Infinite F200 product highlights include: Modular concept allowing for later upgrades. Injector system for triggering of fast kinetics and dispensing. Injector Prime/Wash hardware buttons for user convenience. Pump back function to minimize dead volume and save reagents. Spectrally enhanced photomultiplier tube optional. Photon counting luminescence module incl dual color luminescence. Temperature control. Plate formats 6-384, PCR plates, cuvettes. Optimized filter sets for routine applications. Fluorescence Polarization. Patent pending filter lifetime monitoring.

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