Beckman Coulter DTX 880 Microplate Reader

Beckman Coulter Microplate Reader DTX 880

The Beckman Coulter DTX 880 is a spectrophotometer for the UV-Visible wavelength range that provides the operator a great deal of flexibility for sample analysis. Accepting a range of microplates from 6- to 384-well plates means operators have a fair amount of flexibility in assay development. Increasing flexibility in analysis are the seven detection modes provided by the DTX 880. Included are seven detection modes ranging from fluorescence, glow luminescence, and absorbance. Fluorescence modes include fluorescence intensity (top and bottom reads), time-resolved fluorescence, and fluorescence polarization. Absorbance modes include detection for both UV and visible spectra. Reading modes can be programmed for endpoint, kinetic, multiple wavelengths, linear scan and area scan. This variety of reading mode options is what makes this multimode spectrophotometer such a flexible option for research laboratories. With this instrument, laboratories are given two viable options for fast and sensitive readings. This multimode detector is capable of both stand-alone operation and integration with robotic systems. The integration of such systems is facilitated by a plate access door that is wide enough to allow for versatile positioning of robotic ports. Regardless of integration, speed is provided with results given in times anywhere between mere seconds for Fluorescence Intensity (Top Read) and a few minutes for Time-Resolved Fluorescence. Speed does not come at a loss in sensitivity, which is completely adjustable by the user who has the ability to adjust the read heights of the detector. All aspects of detection and programming are easily controlled via computer-based software designed for the instrument. Fluorescence 230–750 nm and Luminescence 400–750 nm Plate reader for 96 or 384 plates The DTX Multimode plate readers are ideal for use in applications such as drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, and cell-based research. These instruments can operate as stand-alone devices or can be integrated into Biomek* laboratory automation workstations. The unique optics design ensures precise performance and sensitivity across all detection modes. Integration with automated liquid handling systems is facilitated by a choice of plate loading options, which include an extra-wide plate access door, and the ability to accept plates in portrait or landscape formats. The DTX 880 features seven modes of detection: Fluorescence intensity-top read and fluorescence intensity-bottom read, time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, absorbance-UV, absorbance-visible, glow luminescence, and temperature control for 6-well to 384-well plates. The instrument is also capable of linear and orbital shaking. Programmable endpoint, kinetic, multiple wavelength, linear scan, and area scan measurement types are available. Easily accessible 6-position filter slides allow wavelength selection from 230–750nm. Includes the following: - Beckman Coulter DTX-880 w/Absorbance, FI, Luminescence, FP - Excitation Filter Slide #1 (Fluorescence: 485 nm, 535 nm; TRF: 370 nm; FP: 485 nm) - Emission Filter Slide #1 (Fluorescence: 535 nm, 595 nm, 625 nm; FP: 535 nm × 2) - Excitation Filter Slide #2 (Absorbance: 260 nm, 340 nm, 405 nm, 450 nm, 595 nm, 620 nm) - PC Workstation (WIN7 OS), 19” LCD Monitor - DTX Multimode Detection Software Detection Modes: • Fluorescence intensity-top read • Fluorescence intensity-bottom read • Time-resolved fluorescence • Fluorescence polarization • Absorbance-Visible • Absorbance-UV • Luminescence-glow Description: Multiple Modes – Multiple Plate Formats – Many Applications With a variety of detection modes and plate formats from which to choose, the DTX series provides a nearly limitless number of Systems Biology application solutions. Choose from top- or bottom-reading fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, visible and UV absorbance, and glow luminescence detection modes in 6- to 384-well plates. Users can also perform various measurements, including endpoint, multiple wavelength, kinetic, linear and area scans. Applications: • Nucleic acid quantitation • Genotyping • Reporter gene assays/Gene expression • Protein quantitation • ELISA • Protein kinase assays • Protein-protein interaction • Receptor-ligand binding • Enzyme activity and kinetic assays • Cell based assays • Cell viability/apoptosis/toxicity • Cell proliferation • Cell adhesion • Intracellular calcium concentration • Signal transduction/Kinases • Ion channels • GPCRs • ADMEtox assays • CaCo2 and P450 assays Specifications: • General Light Source: High Power LEDs + Deuterium Lamp Detectors: Silicon Photodiode + PMT Filters: 2 EX + 1 EM Filter Slides (6 filter capacity) Plate Formats: 6- to 384-well Shaking: Linear + Orbital (3 speeds) Temperature Control: Ambient +4°C to 45°C Power/Voltage: 100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz Dimensions (W × H × L): 39 cm × 24 cm × 58 cm Weight: 25 kg • Fluorescence Intensity-Top Read Wavelength Range: 230-750 nm Detection Limit – 96-well plate: 1.5 fmol fluorescein Detection Limit – 384-well plate: 1.5 fmol fluorescein Linear Dynamic Range: 5 decades Read Time†: 18 sec / 96-well • Fluorescence Intensity-Bottom Read Wavelength Range: 300-650 nm Detection Limit – 96-well plate: 50 fmol fluorescein Detection Limit – 384-well plate: 25 fmol fluorescein • Time-Resolved Fluorescence Wavelength Range: 340-750 nm Detection Limit – 96-well plate: 50 amol Europium Detection Limit – 384-well plate: 30 amol Europium Read Time† (1 sec integration): 180 sec / 96-well • Fluorescence Polarization Wavelength Range: 300-750 nm Detection Limit – 96-well plate: 5 mP at 10 nM Fluorescein Detection Limit – 384-well plate: 5 mP at 10 nM Fluorescein Read Time†: 38 sec / 96-well • Luminescence (Glow) Wavelength Range: 400-750 nm Detection Limit – 96-well plate: 2 fmol ATP 2 fmol ATP Linear Dynamic Range: 5 decades 5 decades Read Time†: 18 sec / 96-well • Absorbance Wavelength Range: 230-650 nm Indication Range: 0-3.5 OD Accuracy: < ± 1 % ± 10 m OD at 2 OD Reproducibility: < ± 0.5 % and ± 0.005 OD at 2 OD Read Time†: 18 sec / 96-well

Manufacturer:Beckman Coulter
Model No:DTX 880
Model No 2:987921
Product ID:8429

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