Microplate Handler:Stacker Automated

3862 RapidStak Microplate Handler:Stacker Automated

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Model No: 10142


Automated Stacker: Thermo Electron: RapidStak Laboratory automation frees you to concentrate on more important tasks. The Thermo Scientific RapidStak microplate stacker maximizes that walk-away time. Just fill the stacker with plates, start it, and walk away. The RapidStak model holds 2 Staks, for a capacity of 50 plates. Its larger version, the RapidStak 2x, holds 4 Staks handling up to 150 plates, giving you even greater walk-away time. • The fastest pick-and-place microplate stacking on the market • As little as 6 seconds per plate load/unload • Up to 300 plates per hour throughput • Easy upgrade from base unit to 2x model for triple the capacity • Rapid, easy setup in the field for least amount of instrument downtime • Quickly and seamlessly interchange Thermo Scientific or third-party instruments on one stacker • Does not interfere with the standalone use of the instruments

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