PerkinElmer / Packard PlateStak Microplate Stacker:Automated

PerkinElmer / Packard Microplate Stacker:Automated PlateStak

Automated Stacker: Perkin Elmer: PlateStak

The PlateStak™ Automated Microplate Handler is a superior solution for addressing increased capacity and unattended processing needs by automating handling and storage of microplates and RoboRack™ tip boxes. The system incorporates a bi-directional shuttle that transports plates or tip boxes from cassette to cassette or to programmable locations on the diving board. The diving board extends out from the PlateStak making plates available on the working deck of most popular instruments.

The PlateStak System is equipped with an onboard controller and multiple sensors that monitor microplate position. The system communicates with a host computer via bi-directional RS-232 allowing for a wide variety of commands enabling easy integration with a variety of liquid handling workstations including:

* JANUS Automated Workstations
* Evolution Precision Pipetting Platform
* MultiPROBE II EX System
* FlexDrop
* MiniTrak
* PlateWash

Manufacturer:PerkinElmer / Packard
Model No:PlateStak

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