Microplate Handler

PerkinElmer Plate Handler II Microplate Handler

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Model No: 19122

Serial No: 05T357

Product ID: 11243

The plate::handler II industrial robotic arms is a family of state-of-the-art plate handling robots designed to automate life science applications and increase productivity. They offer random access making themideal for applications such as taking kinetic measurements or ones that require plate reuse. The plate::handler II industrial robotic armsare available as 5-or 6-axis robots each with an electrical gripper unit. These robotic arms are compatible with 96-,384-and 1536-well plates. They also include interlock shielding for safety.

  • Reliable and precise plate handling robotics
  • Advanced instrument control through a single user interface
  • Fully scalable to integrate with additional devices
  • Compatible with our robust scheduler for optimized processes
  • Offers random access

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