Microplate Stacker:Automated

Molecular Devices StakMax Microplate Stacker:Automated

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Model No: 14324

Product ID: MD-StakMax

Microplate Handler: Molecular Devices, Inc.: StakMax A key factor in achieving higher throughput in laboratory experiments is the ability to easily process batches of microtiter plates. Options for automating this process are often expensive, hard to use, or problematic. To address these roadblocks, Molecular Devices has developed the StakMax microplate handling system. StakMax is an easy-to-set-up, powerful, and reliable stacking solution for Molecular Devices microplate readers. The system is operated through Molecular Devices’ industry leading SoftMax Pro microplate data acquisition and analysis software and provides an easy-to-use interface for both novice and advanced users alike. StakMax provides options for 20-, 40-, and, 50-plate magazines, and barcode reading. Integrates with SpectraMax Readers and AquaMax Washers Robust and Reliable Easy to set up and use Flexible Operation Leverages the power of SoftMax Pro

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