Robotic Arm: PreciseFlex PF400

Brooks/Precise Automation PreciseFlex Arm PF400 Robotic Arm: PreciseFlex PF400

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Model No: PF00-MA-00400-4 400mm Z, 576mm Standard Reach

Product ID: MPH-PF400-400/576

Precise Plate Movement

These robots are available New from the factory, or Certified Pre-Owned

The PF400's are available in a four axis configuration with a servo gripper for handling laboratory plates stored in stacks and hotels. These robots are also available with a linear rail to service multiple stations. Their servo grippers permit these robots to pick up both portrait and landscape without changing end effector. Easily handles: Microplates, Deepwells, tube racks etc . Servo motors on all of the axes including the gripper, the PF400 provide facilities for collision/drop detection and squeeze force control not found in other autosamplers.

The PF400 features a powerful embedded Guidance Motion Controller. This controller offers unique free mode teaching aids and excellent capabilities for automatically generating elegant and reliable motion sequences. It permits you to program smooth straight line and arbitrarily complex paths by simply moving the sample handler by hand to start and end positions and letting the controller handle the rest. Combined with the collaborative nature of these mechanisms, the PF400 offers unique features such as compliant placement, which is an auto centering aid to reduce failures due to fixture or sample variations, and automatic sample Z-height detection.

Available Z (stroke): 400mm

Available Reach (stroke): 576mm (standard)


Standard MTP finger set


RJ45 Ethernet Cable

Power Cord

Operators Manual

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