Microplate Stacker

BioTek Instruments BioStack 4 Microplate Stacker

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Model No: 150909E


Walk Away Automation w/ Lids

The Biostack 4 easily provides walk-away automation to Biotek's Readers, 405 Washers, 406 Washer/Dispensers, Microfill, Multiflo & MultifloFX Dispensers. The version 4 Biostack is capable of delidding and relidding of microplates (with proper rack) and can place labware at +90,-90,0 degrees through the use of a rotating gripper. Optional Barcode reader available.

Stack Capacity: 10 (8 lidded plates), 30 (25 lidded plates) and 50 (no lid capability)


Microplates Only


LxWxH: 55.8cm x 21.08cm x 40cm (no stacks)

Electrical: 100-240 VAC 50/60hz

Safety: CE, ETL

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