Microplate Stacker:Automated

Agilent Velocity 11 VStack Microplate Stacker:Automated

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Model No: 06206-002

Serial No: 0502317

Product ID: 11575

Velocity11's VStack® Automated Plate Stacker is a sophisticated device for dispensing and receiving microplates from robotic systems. An efficient modular stacker, the VStack provides the compact size and speed demanded in today's automated systems. The VStack features a removable three-corner rack for convenient access to plates. Its versatile design accommodates all types of microplates (including deepwell) as well as pipette tip boxes and pin tools. The VStack's compact size allows for multiple stackers to be used in your system, increasing the speed and efficiency of your automated protocols. The VStack is designed to hold a single type of plate per run. FEATURES Fast High throughput plate stacker is faster than most robotic arms in typical applications Small Footprint Compact size allows for multiple stackers, increasing speed and efficiency Smart Design Automatically checks for correct plate type and orientation Machine Specifications Base Dimensions: 8.5" x 8" x 7.5" (WxLxH) Rack Dimensions: 3.5" x 5.25" x 26.75" (WxLxH) Operating environment: 5-40° C, 10-90% RH Plate Accessibility: Plate locator is accessible to a robotic arm with movement in three axes, such as Velocity11's BioCel automated workcell robot. Software: ActiveX component User interface: Windows NT tool Interface: 10BaseT Ethernet Speed: (one upstacking cycle) 2.5 seconds Shipping Weight: 6.1 kg (13.5 lbs) Certification: CE certified Operating Requirements PC system: Pentium 166 or better, 32 MB RAM, Windows NT 4.0, 2000 or XP Electrical: 110-120 VAC,50/60 Hz, 7 A Air: 28 Lpm at 5.5 bar (<1 cfm at 80psi) Microplate Specifications Standard microplates in 96, 384 and 1536 well formats with and without lids, deepwell plates, tip boxes, pin tools and filter plates Capacity: 50 standard microplates

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