Tecan Resolvex A200 96 Dispenser

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Model No: 253-1160

Serial No: 2008005280

Product ID: 10902

Resolvex A200 Positive pressure processing for 1 ml columns or 96-well (1ml) plates. Automated liquid dispenser Accurate delivery of up to 11 protocol solvents allows unattended SPE workflows. The Resolvex A200 uses the proven Cavro® syringe pump technology to accurately dispense solvents ranging from deionized water to hexane. Simplicity in operation Intuitive, logical touchscreen control offers straightforward integration into standard laboratory operations for immediate productivity. Positive pressure processing Gas-based positive pressure SPE offers reproducibility and processing uniformity across columns and plate wells, with individual channel flow restriction guaranteeing robust processing of partly filled plates or column set-ups. Electronic pressure processing Programmable pressure profiles allow optimization of flow rates, reducing processing time and enabling reliable analyte recovery. Columns or plates 1 ml columns and 96-well plates Positive pressure 0-80 psi Plate height Self adjusting Solvent dispensing Yes (up to 11 protocol solvents) Pressure and flow control options Programmable

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