Thermo Labsystems Multidrop Combi Dispenser

Thermo Labsystems Dispenser Multidrop Combi

Dispensers:Automated:6 to 1536 Well :Thermo Labsystems:Multidrop Combi Thermo Multidrop Combi represents the next generation of bulk reagent dispensers. Offering unrivalled levels of performance, versatility and simplicity, pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories will find it more than meets their expectations. Based on the proven and highly reliable Multidrop® range, Multidrop Combi has been designed for effortless high speed dispensing of different types of solutions. For high throughput screening Multidrop Combi dispenses into 1536-well plates at nanoliter levels with minimal dead volume. At the other end of the scale, being able to dispense at volumes up to 2500 μl offers biotech researchers a wide range of applications. Add in full robotic capability and the Multidrop Combi is your answer for problem-free, high throughput bulk dispensing.

Manufacturer:Thermo Labsystems
Model No:Multidrop Combi
Model No 2:Type 836
Product ID:DSP-MDC-836

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