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PerkinElmer Zephyr NGS Liquid Handler

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Model No: CLS126600

Serial No: ZY0952R0200

Product ID: 10111

The Zephyr® SPE Workstation is a simple and efficient, yet powerful tool for automating the critical steps required in SPE and is designed to specifically meet the needs of clinical, forensic, and pharmaceutical/biotech laboratories. Advanced analytical tools such as mass spectrometry are meeting the increasing demand for greater speed, sensitivity and specificity in toxicological screening. However, conventional sample preparation methods have not kept pace, in particular, solid phase extraction (SPE). SPE is an essential step in the analysis of many biomolecules and has become a throughput limiting bottleneck in many laboratories. Performance Volume Range High Volume Head (HVH) 1 - 200 μL Precision High Volume Head (HVH) 1 - 5 μL: CV <5% 5 - 200 μL: CV <2% 2 - 25 μL or 50 μL: CV 5% Dimensions Height: 648 mm (25.5 inches) Width: 749 mm (29.5 inches) Depth: 559 mm (22 inches) Weight 75 kg (185 lbs) Base Unit Operating Temperature 15 - 35 ºC (59 - 95 ºF) Operating Humidity 0 - 85% RH, non condensing Air Supply Regulated 35 - 65 psi Power Input 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000 VA max. or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1000 VA max.

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