Liquid Handler

PerkinElmer Zephyr G3 NGS Liquid Handler

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Model No: 18391

Serial No: ZY1648N0591

Product ID: 11078

The Zephyr® G3 NGS Liquid Handling Workstation is a simple, easy-to-use system specifically designed for complete library prep or for the separation of pre- and post-PCR processes. This workstation offers a walkaway solution with flexible processing enabling the processing of 48 to 96 samples per day. Many of the most frequently used library prep, target enrichment, and normalization protocols are programmed on the Zephyr G3 NGS Liquid Handling Workstation. The workstation provides confirmation and confidence, enabling walkaway automated sample preparation. For research use only. Not for use with diagnostic procedures. Features: 1-200 µl 96 Channel High Volume Head 12 Position Deck Simultaneous pipetting and gripper movement for improved efficiency 4-110°C Thermal Heater Combined 4-70°C Thermal Heater and Shaker Disposable Tip Waste Chute Fully enclosure workstation Guided application user interface Verified, pre-developed application templates Compatible with common NGS kits and protocols

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