PerkinElmer JANUS Standard/Expanded, Varispan-8, MDT 96 COVID:PCR Set-Up

PerkinElmer COVID:PCR Set-Up JANUS Standard/Expanded, Varispan-8, MDT 96

Thermo TagPath Kit Viral RNA Extraction (COVID-19) Solutions from Biodirect

Biodirect offers many options to accommodate your COVID-19 testing needs.

Biodirect COVID-19 Offerings:
•             Unbiased product selection
•             Certified pre-owned options
•             Technology recommendations based on your science
•             Pre-loaded methods for rapid deployment 
•             Factory trained engineers
•             Fast delivery when compared to the original equipment manufacturers
•             Service & maintenance options

Complete packages for every part of the testing process:
•             Sample Processing (Tube-to-Plate)
•             RNA Extraction
•             PCR Set-Up
•             Antibody Detection

Selections of the best & proven platforms deployed in the war against COVID-19:
•             Hamilton Microlab STAR & STARlet
•             Tecan Freedom EVO 150 & EVO 200
•             Beckman Biomek FXp & NXp

Test Kits Covered:
•             IDT Kits
•             Promega Kits
•             Thermo MagMax
•             Thermo TaqPath
•             Zymo Research Kits

Please fill out the contact us form, and let us know…
-              which part of the process you need to cover?
-              the kit you will be using?
-              how soon you need the solution?

A sales engineer will contact you within 24 hours or feel free to contact us at your convenience. 

Model No:JANUS Standard/Expanded, Varispan-8, MDT 96

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