Thermal, Heater/Shaker

Inheco Thermoshake Classic Thermal, Heater/Shaker

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Model No: 7100146-A

Serial No: 1860

Product ID: 7820c

The INHECO CPAC Ultraflat is a very compact single heated and cooled position, built onto the deck of a liquid handling system. It features an ultra-flat heat sink and fan to achieve the lowest possible height on the deck. Its footprint is hardly bigger than a microplate, most SBS listed disposables can be fitted. The system is also suited for the heating and cooling of tubes and other carrier formats. The unit is a ready-to-install high performance thermoelectric device, CE and UL certified. For single units, the temperature setting and control is performed through the INHECO Single TEC Control unit. For multiple units (up to six), the temperature setting and control is performed through an INHECO MTC unit. A slot module is required to connect the CPAC Ultraflat to the STC/MTC. You can choose between various types of aluminum adapter plates to match the required disposable, a microplate positioner to facilitate precise gripper handling is also available. Adapter plates and positioner can be easily taken down for cleaning, or changed to another configuration within minutes. Specification Temperature Range 4°C to 110°C Working Temperature 15°C to 32°C Accuracy at 37°C ±0.3°C Uniformity at 37°C ±0.5°C Max. input Cooling Mode 24 Vdc / 4A Min. input Heating Mode 24 Vdc / 4A Input Fan 24 Vdc / 0.1A Weight 1.0 kg Overall Dimension 89x128x80 mm

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