Liquid Handler

Hamilton Company Roche Cobas X 480 Liquid Handler

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Model No: 185007/00

Serial No: 7991

Product ID: 11861

Power consumption ≤600 W Voltage 110–120 VAC 220–240 VAC Frequency 50/60 Hz ± 5% Delayed-action fuse 115 VAC: 6.3 A 230 VAC: 3.15 A Power interruption ≤10 ms (for interruptions exceeding this limit, a UPS is recommended)InterfaceData standards ASTM, HL7 Dimensions Instrument dimensions (with full cover) 166 x 90 x 101 cm (W x H x D) Net weight ~150 kg Vial types Liquid-based cytology, EDTA, PPT, SST for plasma and serum

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