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Hamilton Company Microlab STARlet Liquid Handler

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Model No: 173000-033/J

Serial No: C825

Product ID: 12080

The Hamilton Genomic STARlet Fully Automates Workflows to Quickly Isolate High-Quality Nucleic Acids

Hamilton, together with MACHEREY-NAGEL, optimized the Genomic STARlet assay ready workstation to quickly isolate high-quality nucleic acids for use in downstream applications using NucleoSpin and NucleoFast assay kits. Multiple vacuum-based protocols and various sample types, including bacterial and eukaryotic cells, tissue, blood/plasma, plants, and more may be automatically processed on a single, integrated system with a small footprint to conserve precious laboratory space. Depending on the kit, up to 96 samples may be processed in 60-144 minutes, allowing several runs to be performed each day.


  • 4 or 8 channels
  • manual load and autoload options

Features and Benefits

  • Confidence in Reliable, Accurate Results
  • In addition to proven MACHEREY-NAGEL nucleic acid extraction technology, the Genomic STARlet ensures sample integrity and confidence in results through:
  • Air displacement pipetting using Hamilton tips with CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology for superior measurement accuracy, precision, and reproducibility without aerosol generation during tip pick-up and ejection
  • Real-time clot detection
  • Anti-Droplet Control (ADC) to reduce contamination risk
  • Barcode tracking
  • Optional use of filter tips

One System, Multiple Solutions

  • Versatility extends through multiple Genomic STARlet pre-installed application packages and configurations, including those for:
  • Classic Life Science: NucleoSpin 8/96 Plasmid, NucleoSpin 8/96 PCR Clean-up, NucleoFast 96 PCR
  • Genomic: NucleoSpin 8/96 Blood, NucleoSpin 8/96 Tissue, NucleoSpin 8/96 Plant II
  • Gene Expression Profiling: NucleoSpin 8/96 Virus, NucleoSpin 8/96 RNA


  • Length:31.1 in (788 mm)
  • Length (With Autoload): 39.7 in (1008 mm)
  • Width:54.8 in (1391 mm)
  • Height:35.7 in (905 mm)


Configuration shown is for demonstration purposes. Contact us to discuss your application and needs for a customized quote.

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