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Hamilton Company Microlab STAR Liquid Handler

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Model No: 173000

Serial No: 462C

Product ID: 12037

The STAR combines Hamilton's patented pipetting technology including precise lock-and-key tip attachment, unrivaled liquid level detection, and comprehensive volume ranges to create flexible

liquid handling workstations. Available in three base platform sizes, the STAR portfolio incorporates countless options to automate your workflows.


Multi-Functional Arm

Our technology offers high pipetting accuracy and precision, from sub-microliter to large volumes, using Independent Channels and/or the Multi-Probe Head (MPH). Labware transportation is possible with the iSWAP or CO-RE Grippers. The STAR can incorporate a camera, tube transportation, and other channel tools on a single arm.

Comprehensive pipetting range:

  • 0.5μL to 1 mL using the 1 mL Independent Channel
  • 50μL to 5 mL using the 5 mL Independent Channel
  • 1μL to 1 mL using the CO-RE 96 MPH
  • 0.1μL to 50μL using the CO-RE 384 MPH

Individual Pipetting Channels and MPH 

  • 1000μL Pipetting Channels–Up to 16 Independent Channels on one arm
  • 5 mL Pipetting Channels–Up to 8 Independent Channels on one arm
  • Mixed Configuration–Allows 1000 uL and 5 mL Independent Channels on the same arm to suit your workflow
  • CO-RE 96 MPH–96 Multi-Probe Head with or without TADM
  • CO-RE 384 MPH–384 Multi-Probe Head

Automation Tools

  • Microplate Handling–iSWAP and CO-RE Gripper
  • Tube Handling–Tube Gripper Channel
  • Decapping–Twister Channel
  • Lid Handling–CO-RE Lid Tool
  • Imaging Solutions–Camera Channel

Optional Integrated tools

  • [MPE]2: Providing positive pressure SPE and evaporation in one small device, the [MPE]2 is designed specifically to maintain equal pressure across the filter plate, eliminating the path of least resistance.
  • Automated Plate Sealer: Seal a large variety of SLAS ANSI plates using optically clear or foil seals with our automated Plate Sealer.
  • Hamilton Incubator Shaker (HIS): With 4 independent heating and shaking sites, a shaking range of 40 to 1200 rpm, and a heating range of ambient + 3°C to 60°C, the versatile HIS offers flexibility for your scientific workflows.
  • Hamilton Heater Shaker (HHS): The compact HHS allows a wide heating range up to 105°C and shaking up to 2500 rpm with three radius options. Accommodates a large variety of SLAS ANSI format plates, including deep-well plates and Sarstedt tubes.
  • On-Deck Thermal Cycler (ODTC): Combining simple integration with excellent well-to-well temperature uniformity, high heating and cooling rates from 4° to 99°C, with rapid transition into plateau temperature, the ODTC is perfect for fully automated thermal cycling.
  • HEPA Filter Hood
  • UV Light Package


  • Length:65.5 in (1664 mm)
  • Width (With Autoload): 39.6 in (1006 mm)
  • Width:31.3 in (795 mm)
  • Height:35.6 in (903 mm)


Configuration shown is for demonstration purposes. Contact us to discuss your application and needs for a customized quote.


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