Hood/Enclosure:HEPA Filter

Hamilton Company Microlab STARplus Hood/Enclosure:HEPA Filter

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Model No: 51010-01 Hood

Serial No: HD10GM0018

Product ID: 8835i

HEPA Filter Hood only The MICROLAB STARlet HEPA Filter Hood provides positive pressure filtered air to the pipetting space within the STARlet. Room air is drawn in from the top and forced through a one stage filter. Air is discharged from the filters over the pipetting area inside the STARlet and exits through the opening in front and vents in the Plexiglas on the back of the workstation to protect the assay from the environment outside the workstation. Air flow volume can be controlled by the software running the workstation to alter conditions while running the assay. On/off and speed controls are mounted to the hood itself as well. Specifications Volumetric Flow Fan Speed SW setting 89.39 cfm 571 rpm 20% 2.53m3/min 380.65 cfm 1604 rpm 50% 10.78m3/min 832.63 cfm 3236 rpm 100% 23.58m3/min

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