Heating Module

Hamilton Company Microlab STAR MFX Heating Module Heating Module

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Model No: MFX Heating Module

Serial No: NA12179e

Product ID: 12179e

Precision Heating and Cooling

The Heating Cooling Module is a small liquid handling device that offers wide-ranging and precise temperature control for ANSI/SLAS footprint microplates. Integrated in an automated workflow with a Hamilton liquid handling platform, the Heating Cooling Module maximizes walkaway time. For optimal efficiency, integrate two Heating Cooling Modules per Multiflex carrier base.

 Simplified Control

The Heating Cooling Module is controlled through a simple interface on the device or through Hamilton software when integrated with a Hamilton liquid handling platform.

Broad Functionality

Precise temperature control ranges from 4°C to 95°C. Additionally, plate loading and unloading may be automated or performed manually. 

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