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Apricot Designs Personal Pipettor Liquid Handler

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Model No: PPA-96H-M

Serial No: M6A-9009

Product ID: 9545

The PP-M series offers 96 or 384 channel high performance pipetting that is ideal for low-volume or high-volume multichannel microplate pipetting and for serial dilution applications. Four models are available: The PP-96H-M for working with 96 channels at higher volumes, the PP-96L-M for working with 96 channels at low volumes, the PP-96H-H with extended height for working with 96 channels with deck accessories such as vacuum blocks, and the PP-384-M for working with 384 or 96 channels at low volumes. The microprocessor-controlled pipetting mechanism provides accurate and precise pipetting of microliter volumes of samples into 96, 384 or 1536-well microplates using a new graphical interface via a connected Apple® iPad. The high-speed pipetting system provides short processing times by delivering liquids through 96 or 384 channels simultaneously with precise volume control.

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