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Apricot Designs iPipette Pro Liquid Handler

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Model No: iPPA2MS 384-125

Serial No: IPPA-3017

Product ID: 10537

The iPPA2MS-384-125 is a 384-channel pipettor with a maximum volume of 125 microliters per channel that is ideal for plate replications, reagent and solvent additions, plate reformatting, and serial dilutions. It includes a motorized 2-position plate shuttle for setting up the source and destination labware which is also equipped with automatic motorized control performing serial dilutions by column. It will work with 384 and 96 well labware with the proper head selection. The recommended heads for this pipettor are: 384-A-01-EZL-SL Easy-Load Head for 384 Apricot EZL tips, for use with 384-well plates 384-A-01-EZL-SL-096 Easy-Load Offset Head for 96 Apricot EZL tips, for use with 96-well plates 384-A-01-EZL-SC Single-Column Head for 16 Apricot EZL Strip Tips, for serial dilutions to 384-well plates 384-A-01-EZL-96-SC Single-Column Head for 8 Apricot EZL Strip Tips, for serial dilutions to 96-well plates 17 x 15 x 21 IN - 46 LBS

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