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Agilent Velocity 11 VPrep Liquid Handler

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Model No: 02318.112

Serial No: 2.00244.1400

Product ID: 10474

VPrep pipetting station is the fastest precision pipettor on the market. The VPrep features a choice of interchangeable heads, including a 96-, 384-, 8- or 16-channel. Eight sliding shelves are arranged on either side of the pipetting head permitting access to the plates, while conserving deck space. The VPrep's head is fitted with a 2 axis positioning stage providing access all quadrants of 96, 384, and 1536 well microplates. The shelves can be custom fitted with vacuum manifolds (to position warped PCR plates), autofilling reagent shelves, or a tip washing station. An intuitive user interface allows the operator to create and run complex pipetting protocols with ease. Available either as a stand alone unit or integrated into a larger robotic platform, the VPrep will significantly reduce cycle time for your most demanding pipetting protocols. Specifications Plate Capacity: 8 Height: 78.7 cm (31.0”) Width: 38.1 cm (15.0”) Length: 25.9 cm (10.2) Weight: 37.2 Kg (82 lbs) Operational Requirements Electrical: 100-208 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4 amps Air: 6.2-6.9 bar (90-100 psi) Vacuum Requirements (with vacuum shelves only): 33.86 KPa (25 in. Hg) Operating Temperature: 5-40 C, 10-90% RH Software: VWorks Automation Control Software, ActiveX control PC System: Windows XP Interface: RS-232 Serial Only Certification: CE certified

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