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Agilent Velocity 11 Bravo Liquid Handler

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Model No: 7769

Product ID: LH-BRVO

Versatile Liquid Handler

The Agilent Bravo is a compact, flexible liquid handling platform that automates your sample preparation for screening applications such as compound management, cell-based assays, and biochemical assays. With this robotic liquid handling system, time is freed up and consistent data is achieved across samples and users.

The compact liquid handler can be easily placed on a small bench and fits in a flow hood. With more than 60 accessories ranging from heater/cooler to shaker, the system can be tailored to automate most sample preparation protocols. Automating your sample prep protocol has never been easier with the included VWorks control software that allows users to create and run flexible liquid handling protocols quickly.


  • Compact, space-saving nine microplate-position footprint fits in most laminar flow hoods
  • Optional Gripper for labware manipulation
  • Precise pipette heads dispense from 300 nL to 250 µL in 96-, 384-, and 1536- microplates using disposable tips
  • Versatile 96 and 384 pipette heads can easily be swapped to address your needs
  • Unique open design permits access from all sides for improved user interaction
  • Provides ability to pick up tips using a single barrel, row, column, or arrays of barrels
  • VWorks control software helps you to quickly create automated protocols by using the intuitive drag and drop tasks
  • Optional light curtain ensures compliance with regional safety requirements

Choice of Heads:

  • 96 Channel Disposable Tip Head; LT     (2.0 - 250ul)
  • 384 Channel Disposable Tip Head; ST    (0.3 - 70ul)
  • 96 Channel Disposable Tip Head; ST (0.3 - 70ul)


Available Accessories:

  • Inheco Temperature controlled positions (4-110 C)
  • Vacuum Filtration Module    
  • Plate Gripper
  • Shaking
  • Refillable reservoir
  • Safety Light Curtain

Configuration shown is for demonstration purposes. Contact us to discuss your application and needs for a customized quote.

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