PerkinElmer JANUS Integrator, Varispan 8 Liquid Handler

PerkinElmer Liquid Handler JANUS Integrator, Varispan 8

Liquid Handler: Perkin Elmer: JANUS Integrator, Varispan 8 (AJI8001)

The JANUS® Automated Workstation offers multiple pipetting technologies on a single instrument platform with options to automate labware movement. The instrument consists of a modular platform that expands and combines the flexibility of a 4- or 8-tip Varispan™ arm with the speed of a 96- or 384-channel Modular Dispense Technology™ (MDT) dispense head. The JANUS provides an automated liquid handling solution that provides flexibility in throughput, plate capacity, and dynamic volume range
• Four standard platforms including the Mini, Standard, Integrator, and Expanded, allows you to select the workstation that is best suited for your application and deck capacity requirements.
• Unique platform design allows you to add up to two (2) pipetting arm(s) and a plate movement arm to enhance your workstation's overall functionality. Pipetting volumes range from 20nL – 10mL.
• MDT arm provides interchangeable and automated head functionality for 96- and 384-channel dispense heads in less than 25 seconds using a powerful and fail-safe interlocking mechanism. With 'on the fly' head swapping you can easily dispense into 96-, 384- and 1536-well shallow and deep well microplates, without user intervention.
• Ability to automate plate movement and access off-deck plates without the need for an additional robotic arm.
• VersaTip® is a unique sampling tip designed to deliver the benefits of both a fixed washable tip and disposable tip adapter.
• Varispan 4- or 8-tip arm provides independent motion and liquid level sensing in Z direction to access test tubes, microplates, deep well plates, and vials. Sampling probes offer variable spacing from 9mm to 20mm for 4-tip arm or 9mm to 40mm for 8-tip arm.
• Accusense™ our patented independent liquid level sensing technology efficiently monitors your sample volumes, with the ability to detect samples as low as 50uL in microplates and 100uL in test tubes. Low or non-ionic polar solutions and organic solvents such as DMSO or methanol are also detectable.
• Computer-controlled Cartesian X-Y-Z robotic liquid handling platform with options to upgrade various pipetting and labware movement arms.
• Active Identification provides automatic recognition of the MDT head type.
• Carry-over elimination via a peristaltic pump for high volume/high throughput sample tip washing for carryover to less than 1:1,000,000 with appropriate washing or use of disposable tips for improved elimination of carry-over.

Model No:JANUS Integrator, Varispan 8
Model No 2:AJI8001
Product ID:PEJANIntg/Vari8

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