Li-Cor Biosciences Odyssey 9120 Imaging System:Infared

The LiCor Odyssey Infrared Imaging System 9120 gives your lab clear sharp digital results without the background fluorescence. By using digital images, strong and weak bands are detected on the same blot, saving lab time by not waiting on film to develop or the uncertainty of whether a weak band requires multiple exposures to confirm. The LiCor Odyssey employs direct infrared fluorescence detection for Western Blot applications to count low plentiful proteins.

The LiCor Odyssey 9120 uses two solid-state diode lasers for excitation at 685 and 785 nm, Collimating lenses, optical bandpass filters, and a focusing lens to tune the beams, and then microscope electronics modulate the lasers to discriminate IR fluorescence from background fluorescence. This imager is flexible enough for other applications as well, such as EMSA, In-Cell Western Assays, in vivo imaging, protein arrays, Coomassie gel documentation, tissue section analysis, and GNA gel documentation.

The Odyssey Imaging System 9120 features a wide linear range, two-color detection and quantification, high sensitivity, accurate detection of strong or weak signals, and nir fluorescence. The signals are stable and can be detected indefinitely if stored properly for accurate results. Contact us with any questions regarding our LiCor Odyssey Imager.



  • Laser Source:
  • 700 channel:685 nm, solid state diode
  • 800 channel:785 nm solid state diode
  • Detector:Silicon avalanche photodiodes.
  • Scanning Speed:5-40 cm/s
  • Scanning Surface:25 x 25 cm
  • Resolution:21-337 µm
  • Focusing:Scan bed is movable in the Z-dimension, allowing the fluorescence detection microscope to be aligned to the top surface of the glass to obtain the best signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):15x22x24″
  • Weight:72 lbs
  • Power:100-127/200-240 V, 50/60Hz, 8/5 amps

Manufacturer:Li-Cor Biosciences
Model No:Odyssey 9120
Product ID:800-8376

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