MyECL DNA Imaging System Imager

Thermo Imager MyECL DNA Imaging System

The powerful and easy-to-use myECL Imager delivers a complete set of high sensitivity Western blot and gel documentation tools through a streamlined and intuitive touchscreen interface, convenient acquisition options, and analysis software supplied with the instrument. The myECL Imager incorporates advanced CCD technology that results in greater than two times the sensitivity of X-ray film and 10 times the dynamic range. The imager can be used in chemiluminescent, ultraviolet and visible modes to image Western blots, stained nucleic acid gels or stained protein gels.

The instrument is controlled with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that simplifies image acquisition. Researchers can set custom exposure ranges with up to five different exposure times or use preset versions. Images are stored to an internal drive in a nonproprietary data format for easy sharing. The file management system has sort and search functionalities to find locally saved images. Files are easily transferred to any computer using one of three USB ports and the included 2GB Flash Drive or through the Ethernet connection at the back of the instrument.

Analyze images by adjusting display settings (saturation, invert, contrast) on-screen with the imager to ensure that the captured data are of suitable quality for the intended use. Then, once the original image is transferred to another computer that is running the myImageAnalysis Software, it can be fully analyzed to identify lanes and bands, overlay molecular weight markers, calculate molecular weights, measure densitometry, etc.

The myECL Imager is easier to set up and use than most instruments of its type, allowing researchers to adapt and use the new technology quickly without the need for an engineering visit. The imager eliminates the need for a darkroom, replacing it with a machine that has a small footprint. Unlike film, the myECL Imager does not require the use of silver-containing chemicals that require hazardous materials handling and disposal.

Highlights of the myECL Imager :

  • One-touch image acquisition – press any one of several optimized presets in each mode and the imager does all the rest; no focusing or camera settings need to be adjusted
  • Multi-exposure feature – automatically capture a series of images using up to five different preset or user-defined exposure times
  • Automatic visible image capture – system automatically takes a corresponding visible image with every chemiluminescent image exposure; allows overlay alignment with prestained MW markers
  • Remote Tech Support access – share your myECL Imager screen in a live session with Technical Support to receive immediate help while using the instrument
  • Live Camera setting – in any mode see a live view of the illuminated platform on the display screen while the door is open so you can place and center the sample
  • Shoot-and-review convenience – imager keeps the last five captured images immediately available in on-screen tabs so you can quickly review, compare, choose and make adjustments to results
  • What you see is what you get – the image displayed on-screen while using the imager in UV or visible mode depicts the actual image that will be captured

The MYECL Imager provides:

  • UV and white light illumination source for imaging of samples
  • Acquisition of chemiluminescent Western blot and electrophoresis gel images with varying resolution (1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and 8×8 binning)
  • Low-noise, high-dynamic range CCD camera detection
  • Hardware and software optimized for image acquisition
  • One-touch image acquisition
  • Multiple image acquisition with pre-set and user-defined settings

Imager Parameter Specification

  • Power Maximum: 120W
  • Frequency Range: 50-60Hz
  • AC Voltage: 100-240V
  • Current: 1.2A maximum (dependent on supply voltage)
  • Fuse: T4AL, 250V, 4A fuse
  • Dimensions: 21 inches H × 12.25 inches W × 22 inches D(53.3cm H × 31.1cm W × 55.9cm D)
  • Weight: 65lbs (29.5kg)
  • Wavelength Range: Specific wavelengths between 370-700nm
  • Camera: High-resolution, thermoelectrically regulated at -25°C, 4.2MP digital camera with 16-bit dynamic range
  • Lens: 50mm, f/0.95 aperture
  • Filter Wheel: 4 filter positions, motorized
  • Touchscreen: 10.4 inch LCD screen
  • Light Source: 306nm trans-UV, epi-white

Model No:MyECL DNA Imaging System
Product ID:BM-1843

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