Liconic Instruments STR44-HRIT Incubator Automated

Liconic Instruments Incubator Automated STR44-HRIT

The STR44 is the smallest member of the STR family. The STR44 has the same width as the STX40 and the same depth as the STX220. Its 44 MTP capacity make it perfectly suitable of small-scale integration, highly miniaturized applications or short time incubation assays. You can use the cassettes for standard plates or the other plate sizes or - if needed - mixing up to two configurations. Throughout can be increased by using two transfer-station positions on the deck. The STR44's compact size makes it ideal for applications with room constraints. The STR44 is ideal for protein crystallization work because the stationary cassettes with the Star concept allowing the periscope the only moving part, reducing vibration and movement of the samples. While allowing full remote access on handling and climate functions, you still are able to manually access the cassettes and samples through the large front door for loading and unloading your product.

The STR44 supports a wide temperature and humidity range. Namely the STR44 is available as IC (Incubation), HC (high humidity cold storage), DC (dry, low humidity cold storage, HR (high humidity wide temperature range incubator) and DR (dry, low humidity wide temperature range storage).

Manufacturer:Liconic Instruments
Model No:STR44-HRIT
Model No 2:9147 00 22
Product ID:11284

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