Wave Biotech 20/50EH Bioreactor System

Wave Biotech Bioreactor System 20/50EH

Bioreactor System: Wave Biotech: 20/50EH

The Wave BioreactorTM is a unique disposable device for cell culture. Unlike
any other disposable bioreactor it can be scaled up to over 500 liters of
culture volume. This is because the Wave Bioreactor does not use gas
permeable membranes for oxygen transfer. Instead, oxygen transfer and
mixing are accomplished by the novel principle of wave-induced agitation. A
wave motion is induced in the culture fluid contained in the bioreactor by a
special rocking mechanism. This wave action generates free surface for
bubble-free oxygen transfer from the headspace of the bioreactor. The wave
action also mixes the fluid in the bioreactor and suspends any cells and
particles. The wave-induced agitation does not require an invasive
mechanical mixer or gas sparging. This allows the design of a completely
disposable presterilized bioreactor.

Manufacturer:Wave Biotech
Model No:20/50EH
Product ID:7140

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