Chemistry Analyzer

Dynex Technologies DSX Automated ELISA System Chemistry Analyzer

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Model No: 15573

Serial No: 1DXC-1851

Product ID: CA-10464

The DYNEX DSX® is the next stage of our fully automated 4-plate ELISA processing system. This breakthrough technology has transformed labs and medical facilities across the country with its state of the art design, seamless automation and intuitive interface. DSX® is a tried-and-tested automated open system capable of performing several assays per plate simultaneously, providing optimized efficiency and speed. The system uses a perfectly synchronized system to eliminate plate drift and ensure premium consistency across four different plate incubators. As a result, you can count on reliable quality while reaching peak performance speeds that once seemed unattainable. Dimensions Width:42 in Depth: 36 in Height: 32 in Footprint: 10.5 sq ft Bench Weight: 136 kg (max.) 300 lbs (max.)

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