DAVID Vision Systems SLS-3 3D Scanner System Bundle w/David TT-1 Turntable 3D Scanner System (Table not Included)

DAVID Vision Systems 3D Scanner System (Table not Included) SLS-3 3D Scanner System Bundle w/David TT-1 Turntable

The scanner is mobile and can be positioned easily in front of the surface to be scanned.
A single click starts the DAVID software and a few seconds later the digitized 3D model appears on the screen – even the colors of the object can be optionally captured and reproduced!

Scan all sides of the object in succession and subsequently render an enclosed 360° model.

The 3D model can be exported in standard 3D file formats (OBJ, STL and PLY).

The stereo camera upgrade kit provides two additional scanning modes - EXTENDED (providing more sight of the scan object) and STEREO (which provides the highest accuracy).

Other additional features of DAVID5 include:
• New structured light patterns, enabling better scanning of glossy objects
• Reflection filter
• More precise projector calibration
• Improved alignment
• Improved user interface
• Mesh comparison tool
• Measurement tool

You will receive a DAVID5 software upgrade code via Amazon's Buyer-Seller messaging service.

The TT-1 makes 360° scanning much easier, objects rotate and are scanned automatically at different angles using the DAVID software.

Use the DSL-1 to mount the SLS-3 on a table or workstation. The scanner is freely adjustable in every direction with no more disturbing cables, or trip hazards.

Technical specification
• Scansize: 60 – 500mm
• Resolution/Precision: Up to 0.05% of scan size (up to 0.05mm)
• Scanning time: One single scan within a few seconds
• Mesh density: Up to 2,300,000 vertices per scan
• Export formats: OBJ, STL, PLY
• Turntable object weight: Up to 5kg
• Turntable and lever material: Aluminum
• Lever lift range: 33cm

System requirements
• Standard-PC (64 bit - Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10)
• 3D graphics adapter
• Available VGA or HDMI port
• Four USB ports
• .NET Framework 4.6
• Recommended: Dual-core 2GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, 1GB graphics card, USB 3.0

Exceptional 3D scan precision with up to 0.05% resolution of scan size
Creates 360° "water-tight" 3D scans in seconds with easy single click scanning including the ability to capture the colors of the object, if required
Two industrial HD cameras with high quality lens and USB 3.0 interfaces, video projector with special lens for large focal range
DAVID5 (HP Pro v5) 3D scanning software on a USB drive, calibration panels, tripod, camera slider and rail, cables, power supplies
TT-1 Turntable and DSL-1 Lever

Manufacturer:DAVID Vision Systems
Model No:SLS-3 3D Scanner System Bundle w/David TT-1 Turntable
Product ID:9550

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