Sealing is a Sticky Situation

Do you ever run into an assay that requires microplate sealing for safeguarding samples in a storage or incubation step?  If so, then you know how challenging it can be to manually apply seals to a full stack of microplates.  Insuring the seals properly line up and are fully attached to the plate is a skill that most researchers can master easily, but no one likes to perform this tedious and repetitious task since it will surely eat away at your already busy schedule.  One solution is an automated microplate sealer.  Have you considered one?  Think they are too expensive?  Well, it might be time to revisit automated sealing and Copia Scientific can help.

Automated microplate sealers have been used in labs for a number for years.  The most popular sealers are the Agilent PlateLoc and Thermo ALPS3000.  Both of these units have a small footprint and can be easily integrated into a larger automated system.  There are a wide range of seal types available including standards seals, foil seals, gas permeable seals and others in various formats.  If you are sealing plates manually today using a specific seal material, there most likely is an exact roll of material that can be used with an automated sealer.  In our experience, automated plate sealers are an invaluable tool for most laboratories since they make repetitive motion injuries a thing of the past.  They also ensure consistent and accurate sealing every time.

Automated sealers, like any other critical system in your lab, need to be properly maintained and have scheduled preventative maintenance so they will run effectively for years.  Once a lab incorporates an automated sealer into their everyday process, the instrument becomes as valuable as any other mission critical device.  Automated sealers will save time, improve efficiency and quality, and safeguard your precious samples.

Copia Scientific is currently well stocked with a variety of automated and semi-automated microplate sealers.  Additionally, we also have microplate de-sealers like the Brooks XPeel.  De-Sealers make the process of removing seals from plates more efficient.  If you would like to discuss the best option for the process automation of sealing plates, please reach out to one of our solutions consultants.  We will be happy to find the right solution for your unique requirement.

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