Future Scientists & Engineers Visit Biodirect!!!

Copia Scientific was honored to host the juniors from Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical High School's Biotechnology Program last week.  The students got an opportunity to tour the facility with Copia Scientific's CEO, Rich Tula, and were able to see the inner workings fo a product and Service provider that is geared towards the biomedical engineering side of the biotech industry.  The students were able to gain an understanding of all aspects of a company including management roles, sales efforts and the engineering department and refurbishment process.  They also learned about the importance of quality control processes and documentation, how asset management works, and the shipping and order fulfillment functions.  This helps the students understand how a business works and how their career choices can be developed through education and market experience.

After the tour, the students split into smaller groups and each had the opportunity to work with Kevin Keras, LabSquad's GM, and Bill Thompson, Senior Director of Technical Services.  Kevin did an overview on careers in engineering and how they apply to the biotechnology and medical device industries along with development their skill sets for a future in their chosen field.  Bill introduced the students to the world of liquid handling and outlined the fundamentals using a Tecan Freedom EVO 150.  He also explained the importance of automation processes in the lab and the advantages of systems integration.  The students got hands on experience on the Tecan and programmed a basic ELISA assay. 

This experience was a very rewarding one, not only for the students, but for our staff as well.  Copia Scientific is proud to support STEM education in our community and we look forward to the next crop of juniors visiting us in 2018!

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