Hettich Rotanta 46RSC Centrifuge:Refrigerated

Hettich Centrifuge:Refrigerated Rotanta 46RSC

ROTANTA 46 RSC ROBOTIC Automatically More Efficient The robotic versions of model Rotanta 46RSC are refrigerated centrifuges with PC control and rotor positioning. Monotonous and repetitve operations or analyses bearing a high risk of infection no longer need to be carried out by highly qualified laboratory personnel. Therefore, robotic centrifuges are valuable working aids in the automated laboratory. A Hatch in the lid opening before and after every centrifuging cycle allows loading and unloading of the centrifuge with a robotic arm. Hettich Robotic centrifuges stand out for state-of-the-art technology and conformity to strictest safety standards. Their robust and sturdy design guarantees troublefree 24-hour continuous service. Features of the Rotanta 46RSC Robotic centrifuges: Up to 89 complete running programmes can be memorized and recalled by their storing number Efficient cooling: Temperature is steplessly controllable within a range of -20 °C to +40 °C Speed: n=4,500 min-1 with a 4-place swing-out rotor that (depending on th suspensions) corresponds to a max. RCF 4.754 High capacity: 4 x 250 ml or 4 x 750 ml or 16 x MTP, 4 x DWP or comparable systems Frequency-controlled drive Housing and lid of metal Panelling finished in scratch and impact resistant coating Centrifuging chamber of stainless steel Double indication when the rotor is stationary Imbalance switch-off Hatch locking Motor and chamber overheating protection Emergency lid lock release Excess temperature protection of the brake resistors Additional control of the information transfer Reliable and enduring partners for automated laboratories More and more, modern technology is moving into laboratories. In pharmaceutical research labs for example new methods to reduce animal tests to a minimum are applied. Many new drugs are no longer tried on animals but on cells, which necessitates the use of centrifuges. The Rotanta 46RSC robotic now also permits the integration of centrifuging operations into automated laboratory routines. Buckets The hatches correspond to the size of the buckets. Featuring a larger hatch model Cat.-No. 4815 is designed to accept microtitration plates and comparable systems as well as bottles. Featuring a somewhat smaller hatch model Cat.-No. 4815-10 is designed to accept buckets for accommodating tubes. Rotanta 46RSC-Robotic centrifuges cab be integrated in any workstation. In addition to standard accessories Hettich also manufactures special buckets and inserts tailored to customers requirements. The centrifuge is remote-controlled by optical data transmission The centrifuge that reads you! The controlling PC requires a free RS 232 interface. A 9-pole RS 232 cable is supplied with the centrifuge. A transformer (opto data box) converts the RS 232 signals into light. Every Rotanta 46RSC-Robotic centrifuge is supplied with an opto data box and an optical cable. Fully developed microprocessor technology ensures troublefree operation All functions of the centrifuge can be remote-controlled. Status information like standstill, acceleration, centrifuging cycle, lid, rotor position, etc. can be inquired. The position of the buckets is programmable. Positioning The driving motor positions swing-out rotor No. 444 and firmly holds it in any of the 4 required bucket positions under the hatch. The exact position of the buckets is adjustable. The positioning accuracy of every rotor position is <0,6 mm! After every centrifuging cycle the drive automatically turns the rotor to position No. 1. Technical details Rotanta 46 RSC-Robotic Power supply: 230 V 1~ Frequency: 50 Hz Connected load: 2100 VA Current consumption: 9 A x Power consumption: 1500 W x H x W x D: 680 x 580 x 690 mm Weight: 110,0 kg

Model No:Rotanta 46RSC
Product ID:HT-RO46RSC

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