Microplate Labeler

CyBio AG QuadPrint HQ-M Microplate Labeler

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Model No: OL5003-26-027

Serial No: OL-5003-26-001

Product ID: 11693

Compact, robust, versatile – the CyBio QuadPrint high-throughput label printer makes your labeling processes safe and reliable, with maximum walk-away time.

The novel barcode labeler CyBio QuadPrint sets higher standards in high speed microplate labeling. It features a very small footprint, flexible labeling on all four sides of the microplate as well as an automatic label height adjustment.

  • Flexible barcode printing on all four sides of the microplate
  • Automatically adjustable label height
  • Direct transfer from stack to label position
  • User friendly software with Print Studio (GUI) 
  • Based on the new ergonomic stacker system CyBio QuadStack

Manufacturers Specifications: 

 System requirements

  • Air pressure, >5 bar (working pressure 4.5 bar)
  •  Connection pressure hose: outer diameter 8 mm,
  •  Stacker: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  •  Printer: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Network requirements Interface:

  • RS232 9pin Sub-D

Labeling rate/ throughput:

  • Less than 10 sec for labeling 1 side (including get and store plate)
  •  Less than 25 sec for labeling 2 sides (including get and store plate)

Plate specifications:

  • ANSI SLAS format, shallow well, deep well, high base, low profile microplates, tip boxes

System capacity:

  • 2 types of stack lengths (standard 555 mm, extended 755 mm)
  • 4 stacks with a total capacity of up to 280 plates (stack length 755 mm)

Barcode/barcode types:

  • 4 MTP sides can be labeled
  • All common barcode/text types 1D and 2D

Label size:

  • (W x H) 66.0 x 5.5 mm/ 7.0 mm

Label characteristics:

  • Resistant to acidic, basic aqueous solution, detergents, alcohols and organic solvents such as DMSO

Operating temperature:

  • -40 °C to +99 °C


  • CyBio Composer and CyBio PrintStudio

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