Microplate Labeler

Agilent Velocity 11 VCode Microplate Labeler

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Model No: 03067.001

Serial No: 513594

Product ID: 11568

Bar code label application is easily automated with the VCode Bar Code Label Print and Apply Station. The VCode applies bar code labels to any or all four sides of a microplate and provides the flexibility to create custom labels. Specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of microplates, the VCode adjusts for different skirt heights and deepwell plates using a two position plate stage which allows the instrument to automatically place labels at either of two vertical label positions (which can be adjusted). The VCode's compact size fits easily on a bench top, while its speed achieves the most aggressive throughput goals. The VCode acts as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated into an automated system through its ActiveX control and RS-232 serial port. The VCode's software reads data from your comma-delimited file or can be integrated with a LIMS. Using a 400 dpi thermal transfer printer, the VCode prints up to six fields (bar codes and human readable fields) per label in a wide range of symbologies, fonts, and magnifications. Labels offers a wide useable temperature range (-80 to 100 °C) and diverse material compatibility.

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