April 2013

Importance of Quality

April 24, 2013

All pre-owned laboratory automation equipment is not the same; accuracy and precision is essential in automated liquid handling.  So before you purchase a pre-owned liquid handler or a microplate dispenser, you may want to look deeper than just the price because it may not always be what it seems. 

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Biodirect is More Then Just Certified Pre-owned Equipment

April 14, 2013

Biodirect is more then just certified pre-owned equipment.  Not only can we sell you the equipment you need now at a great price but we can support it as well. 

Biodirect provides service and maintenance solutions covering a wide variety of basic & high-end technologies, giving you a one-source technical support

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Help… I Need a Microplate Reader! What Do I Need and What Do I Buy?

April 7, 2013

Can you please help me, I need a microplate reader?  I get this question several times a week from researchers in biotech and academic labs. They need a solution and in most cases they are lost in the sea of choices.  Navigating the microplate reader market can be an arduous and confusing voyage with perils and a cast of characters that rival Homer’s Odyssey; so like Odysseus you must choose correctly or make the wrong choice and pay dearly.

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Pre-Owned Laboratory Equipment with Certified Performance

April 3, 2013

Low-volume liquid handling is a core component of almost every modern laboratory.  With continued advances in automated liquid handling, laboratories are realizing new gains in throughput, precision and overall efficiency. 

With these industry advances and ever-growing research demands comes a growing focus on quality. As a result most liquid handler manufacturers like Agilent, Tecan, Beckman, Perkin Elmer, and Hamilton offer services designed to test liquid handler performance so that buyers have assurance that their newly acquired instrument meets stated performance specifications. However, laboratories purchasing used and refurbished equipment from auctions or third-party vendors are often not afforded the same level of quality & technical assurance (but they should be).

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